I was invited to have lunch with a few co-workers and of course this triggers the “where do we want to eat?” discussion. For instance one of my previous co-worker lunch endeavors landed me at Star of India where I had one option in the whole buffet and even that was mildly questionable. Over time I’ve simply learned to have no shame in guiding the conversation towards a low carb option. It’s nice to have some sure fire options in the back pocket and especially options that can accommodate practically everyone.

Eating keto in Austin can easily be solved by picking a burger joint. We’re pretty lucky in Austin with so many great hamburger centric restaurants around. We decided that we could all buy in to Top Notch. I’ve been to top notch in my other life but had only tried the fried chicken. I ordered three hamburger patties (that automatically come with cheese), bacon and all toppings on the side.

Would I eat here again? Absolutely. My counter parts had a wide variety of carbs that looked pretty amazing. Eating keto in Austin just became a little easier.

You can visit the Top Notch website here: http://www.topnotchaustin.com/