I’m sure most of you like ourselves are huge fans of Super Bowl Sunday. Like most important days they tend to revolve heavily around food. From my experience every single Super Bowl party I’ve ever attended was full of carb laden snacks that just don’t work in our lifestyle anymore. Today I’d like to highlight one of my newer favorite Keto in Austin food finds. Quest Nutrition (which just so happens to be one of my favorite companies for all things protein) came out with thin crust pizzas last year. They were kind of like an elusive unicorn until they popped up at our local Target . James and I differ on our favorite flavor because I love the Pepperoni and he’s more of a Supreme kinda guy. But let me tell you, this product is a game changer. Coming in at 6net carbs for 1/2 a pepperoni pizza you really can’t afford NOT to try this. So I doctored it up a little with some extra Pepperonis, some veggies and y’know some extra cheese because well… cheese! Paired with a nice green salad (not pictured) totally works for quick and tasty game day meal.

Check Brickseek for local availability at Target here