Meet Alexis!

An Austin transplant of 12 years who has a major passion for food and fitness, specifically living a ketogenic lifestyle! After over a decade of ups and downs in her weight loss journey she finally found something that made sense. Losing 100 pounds was hard, but maintaining a large weight loss is even harder. Follow her through her journey of trying out new recipes, revamping tried and true low carb favorites and discovering all the best keto friendly places to eat in Austin.

Meet James!

He’s a Linux engineer, car enthusiast and ketoer since 2015. He’s lost 76 pounds to date. He’s become a pro at eating low carb in Austin and being able to put together strange low carb concoctions at home. He’s learned quite a bit over the last few years and looks forward to helping new and old low carb’ers alike discover foods around town that makes their lives easier and more enjoyable.