I was so excited about my grocery trip today, I figured I’d share and perhaps make this a regular thing since I also try to be a savvy shopper!

Today I took a trip to my local Sprouts to take advantage of their BOGO sale. I like to check the meat section first because I am ALL about the Managers specials!!! Plus Meat and Keto go together like bacon and eggs (see what I did there? ha). Today I scored a couple gorgeous Ribeyes, a few pounds of 85% ground beef as well as some whole (and ground) Pork Italian sausages. I know some people are really hardline about organic, grass-fed etc but sometimes the wallet wins for me.

I’m eating pretty basic these days so I also scored greens of all varieties including green beans (my favorite) and some Taylor Farms stir fry kits (I just pass on the dressing packet) at 2 for $3.49 I couldn’t say no. Last but not least my all time favorite non-dairy beverage. Califia Farms Toasted coconut almond milk. It is delicious and it was BOGO as well as the Better Half creamer because coffee is life and I am not a straight up kinda gal 😉 In total, I spent $49.

Eating Keto in Austin can be easily achieved whether at home or out on the town. We’re currently picking a place to brunch at tomorrow, so stay tuned!!