I’ve decided that I wanted to put a post out there that speaks to my motivation to contribute content to this site and the ideology behind it.

Austin has a vibrant restaurant scene but there isn’t a comprehensive guide or resource that makes it easy to find validated known good low carb options. I absolutely could publish lists of restaurants that I assume to be low carb friendly. Virtually anywhere that sells BBQ or burgers should be fine. I could tell you that you should eat at Stiles Switch BBQ simply because they serve smoked brisket (you really should go to Stiles Switch BBQ and eat the brisket, though). Is that actually valuable to you? You probably completely understand that a burger is most likely low carb friendly in a lettuce wrap. I’m not here to compile lists of restaurants by virtue of the fact that at face value they should be low carb. I want to prove it to you.

I’m here to try and help put together a resource that would have been valuable to me when I started eating low carb back in 2015. I will not post about anything that I’ve not personally consumed. That could be something of my own creation or from a local restaurant. I want you to know that I hope to document my authentic experience of being a person like you that lives a ketogenic lifestyle in Austin. I’m hoping that I can make your life eating keto in Austin a little better and a little easier too.

Photo by Turkinator on Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND